Gua sha has been practiced in Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years. Traditionally used to reduce signs of ageing, the gentle stroking action of  this skincare tool increases blood circulation to refine, tone and smooth skin.


The jade gua sha tool was built to have a firming, lifting effect on the skin and can quickly revitalise the skin giving it a youthful glow.



The benefits of the Gua Sha Stone :

  • Carries nutrient-rich and oxygenated blood (food for the cells) to the skin and tissues, giving your skin a glow
  • Brightens the complexion
  • Aids in product penetration
  • Aids in eliminating dark circles around the eyes
  • Boosts elimination of accumulated toxins
  • Lifting & tighten the skin
  • Relieves facial and jaw tension
  • Discourages fine lines and wrinkles




    1. Start with a cleansed skin.
    2. Apply a few drops of  facial oil to face and neck area.
    3. Keep the tool flat against your skin and begin with your neck, stoke downwards to collar bone to drain fluid.
    4. Then onto jawline start in the middle of the chin and scrap in an upward motion towards lower ear.
    5. Move to the cheeks and scrape in an outwards motion starting  from crease of  lip/nose  towards the ear
    6. As the skin under our eyes are delicate be gentle and only apply a light pressure, now gently scrape from the inner corner of the eye outwards to the temple.
    7. Now onto the forhead scrape in an upwards motion from the eyebrows to the hairline.


    Repeat each stroke 5-10 times for best results 

  • After each use, wash your Gua Sha with soap and warm water, and dry using a cloth or allow to air dry.