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3 Quick and Effective Ways to Rejuvenate your Skin (and Looks!) after the Corona Lockdown.

Updated: Jun 29

Summer is less than three weeks away

and with it, there is sunshine and hope and brighter days ahead. Yes, we are still searching for answers and we’re not sure what the future will bring, but what we CAN control, is the way we approach this situation.

Right now, the most valuable thing we can do for ourselves and for others is to stay positive and inspired. We’ve gotten through challenging situations before. We’ll get through this one as well!

Ready to get yourself in shape for renewed energy and motivation?

Here are 3 tips that’ll instantly make a difference in the way you look and feel:

Treat yourself to a Refreshing Yoghurt and Honey Mask

A home-made facial suitable for all skin types and as easy as one-two-three.

Full of nutrients, yoghurt not only nourishes and hydrates your skin, but the lactic acid works as a great exfoliant and skin moisturizer. Combine it with honey and you have added an extra layer of moisturizing benefits and antibacterial properties that will help you fight inflammation and impurities. The result? Natural, glowing skin and a feeling of freshness and hydration.

Mix two tablespoons of yoghurt with one teaspoon of honey, apply and leave mask on for about 15 minutes, before you rinse.

Add Green Tea Ice Cubes to Your Beauty Regimen

Green Tea is one of the healthiest beverages there is. Full of powerful antioxidants, it helps protect and boost the body’s immune system, but did you know that it also has benefits to make it an excellent part of your daily beauty routine?

It removes the bags under tired eyes and reduces puffiness

It shrinks enlarged pores and gives tired looking skin a fresh look

It protects you from Acne breakouts and annoying pimples.

All you need is brew a strong cup of green tea, let it cool down, pour it in an ice tray

and leave it overnight. Take out a green tea cube and gently slide it over your face and in the area under your eyes.

Take advantage of Vitamin D, also called the sunlight vitamin

Vitamins are important nutrients. As your body cannot produce them on its own, you have to intake them with your diet. The only exception is Vitamin D. When you are exposed to sunshine, through a complex process, your body produces Vitamin D.

Vitamin D plays a crucial role in promoting healthy bones and teeth.

It helps regulate your insulin levels and it

supports the health of your immune and nervous system

A 2018 MDPI study even found that vitamin D might offer protection from the influenza virus.

Excellent reasons to go out and enjoy the sunshine! (But make sure you apply sunscreen to protect yourself from the UV rays that can damage your skin.)