Our Story



Acknowledging this, is living life to the fullest, and yet we always seem to be our own biggest critics...

The secret is to love who we are. When we figure out how to do that, magic happens. Nothing seems impossible, and we are also able to help others in many more ways.


Part of loving yourself is caring for your body and I believe using naturally nourishing products are the best way to do this.

People spend a lot of money on products to look younger and getting rid of fine lines, and at times see no results.

My products offer a natural alternative with results.

I believe when your skin looks good and healthy, that feeling crosses over to other aspects of your live and you feel more positive, confident and happy. That’s my philosophy.


But how did I get there?

Well, here’s my story:

 I’m originally from the tropical Island of Jamaica but moved to Bonny Scotland at age nine. Quite a change, not only in environment but also in climate. The cold weather made my skin very dry and my mum would “grease me up”, I mean religiously moisturize my skin every single morning, so skincare has always been an important part of my daily routine.

 I grew up, became a nurse and moved to London.

Working long shifts, busy work-life balance and the London weather took a further toll on my skin and I began to pay attention, what it was I put on my skin.

I tried many different products for my dry skin but was never truly satisfied with the results.

I also noted that most products had few natural, but a long list of chemicals listed on their labels.

After some research, I discovered that the best ingredients for moisturizing the skin are indeed all natural. I suddenly understood that I could provide my skin with all the nourishments it needed by using the beautiful resources that Mother Nature has to offer.

This was the beginning of my natural journey.

I began creating my own skincare products using only natural, organic ingredients known for their skin health properties. After I started regularly using these natural products myself, I noticed that my skin started feeling hydrated and softer and had a noticeably healthy glow.

 I tested and fine-tuned and re-tested until I figured out the perfect formula and then shared my creations with family and friends –

They were so happy, they asked for more and more, and ..... the rest is history…

Kathy Sue Ann’s Natural Skincare Brand was born.

I hope, you’ll enjoy my products as much as I do, when you see and feel the difference on your skin.


To You! and your beauty – inside out.

Products are lovingly handmade in North London and are free from any harsh chemicals.   

  • I love animals, so products are only tested on my team and I.   

  • I specially select natural/organic ingredients that bring out the best in your skin in the most natural way.  

  • Each ingredient is selected for its unique beneficial properties and when combined, work together perfectly in harmony.

  • My products promise to nourish and give you softer, supple and beautifully moisturized skin.



Made with Love
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