Our Story

Welcome to Kathy Sue-Ann's, I'm Kathy and here’s why I went natural.

Originally from the tropical Island of Jamaica and moving to Bonny Scotland at age 9, I noticed my skin became dryer due to the cold weather. My Mum would (grease me up) I mean would religiously moisturise my skin every morning, so skincare has always been an important part of my daily routine. In the last few years I began paying attention to what I was putting on my skin every day.  I tried many different products for my dry skin but was never truly satisfied with the results. When looking at a number of different products’ ingredients list, I noticed that the natural ingredients were either missing or hidden amongst the long list of chemicals.

After some research I found the best ingredients for moisturising skin were all natural. I came to the realisation I could nourish my skin with all the beautiful resources that Mother Nature has to offer. This was the beginning of my natural journey; I began creating my own skincare products using only natural, organic ingredients for their skin nourishing properties. Since making the change to using all natural/organic skincare products, my skin has felt hydrated, softer and has a noticeably healthy glow. Once I had perfected my formulas I had to share my creations with everyone, starting with friends and family - and they loved it too.

Now I feel it’s time to share with the rest of the world!


   Products are lovingly handmade in North London and are free from any harsh chemicals, anything artificial or synthetic.

   We love animals so products are only tested on ourselves.

   We specially select natural/organic ingredients that bring out the best in your skin in the most natural way.                                                              

    Each ingredient is selected for its unique beneficial properties and when combined they work together in harmony.

Our products promise to nourish your skin, giving you softer, supple and beautifully moisturised skin.